Playoffs clinching is done

Discussion in 'Hockey Talk' started by m_peroni, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Rangers #1 in the East.
    Panthers make the playoffs.
    Yotes make the playoffs.
    Sens make the playoffs.
    Blues make the playoffs.

    Nice surprises. I am very happy for the Panthers :) it will be my first playoff game attendance!

    Any comments on this season? Surprises? Disappointments?
  2. rikster

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    Jul 5, 2001
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    Congrats on being able to take in your first playoff game, although I'm sure you would have preferred that the team could have gotten in with a bit more confidence....

    No real surprises for me, other than the Sabres missing and a bit disappointed that the Leafs didn't make it ...

    Regarding the Sabres, I did have a big smile learning they had missed and wondered if Hodgson wanted a do over regarding his desire to play more minutes and leave the Canucks to get those minutes....

    He was a defensive liability for the Sabres and it goes to show how well the Canucks protected him...

    While I think the East might have the best team in the league in the Penguins, it is not a very deep side and if there are upsets it could set the stage for one of the lower seeded teams getting to the finals like happened in Vancouver so many years ago...

    In the West, there are so many strong teams and I don't think any teams stands out among the rest so its anybody's to take...

    Regarding the Canucks and the Kings, I like the matchup in that it keeps the Canucks in the same time zone...Last season the Bruins spent over 10,000 less miles in travel than did the Canucks in winning the Cup so any chance the team has to keep travel down is a benefit...

    Take care...
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  3. Sir Rodney

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    Oct 27, 2001
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    Extra congrats to Mick on going to the game. A bit jealous here.

    As for the Canucks' opening match up, I am glad it wasn't the Sharks. After last year's series, they had a score to settle with the Canucks and despite the Kings having Quick in the net, I like the odds with them better.

    Canucks in 5.

    An additional congrats to Mick for keeping the faith in the Canucks all season. I must admit, I had my doubts.

    I am disgusted that Hordichuk didn't get a suspension over that head hunting episode against Kesler in the Oiler game. I guess the League felt a double minor was sufficient. So much for trying to get that kind of hit out of the game. Lip service, nothing more.

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